FAQ page

Frequently Asked Questions / Help:

Are your boxes/cases factory sealed and unsearched? 

Yes, ALL our boxes and cases are Factory Sealed, Unsearched and never tampered with in any way!

What do the terms “hobby” and “retail” mean? 

Hobby products generally have better odds for pulling inserts such as memorabilia or autograph cards. Some products have inserts that are exclusive to Hobby boxes.

Almost all our boxes are hobby and we always state whether a box is hobby or retail.

Retail boxes are generally what you see in department stores and normally have a higher  ratio for insert cards (i.e., 1:50 packs vs. Hobby boxes at 1:20 packs).

If I order a product that averages 5 autograph or memorabilia cards per box and only get 4, can I get a partial refund?

We do not offer refunds for products that do not meet the manufacturer’s average insertion ratios. Insertion ratios are on average across an entire production run and are not guaranteed. We do guarantee that all of our products are unsearched and have not been tampered with in any way.

Any issues regarding content/quality should be directed to the manufacturer. Contact information is available upon request.

I bought a case of a product and am looking to sell back a few of the unopened boxes I didn’t open. Will you buy them back from me?

We will not buy back boxes of newer product that could be missing the “case hit”. Boxes we sell of any product that can lose value if removed from a sealed case.

We may buy boxes back but is at our sole discretion and value would be determined at the time of the offer to sell back to Northeast Sportscards.

When will you have the new “hot” product I am looking for?

Northeast Sportscards carries a wide selection of sports and non-sports products. If you are looking for something that we don't have on our website, please email us at northeastsportscards@yahoo.com and we will do our best to track it down for you.

For upcoming releases of new products, please email us for specific questions and interests.  Please note that manufacturers often change anticipated release dates and we have no control over this happening. Whenever a release is postponed, we will adjust our dates and presale information, as needed.

If I buy older items and I get a “redemption card” what do I do?

Unfortunately that comes along with buying certain older products. While in most instances there isn’t anything that the manufacturer can do we can provide you with customer service contact information when possible.

Who do I make payments to and how? 

Please make payments payable to Northeast Sportscards.

Please mail payments to:

Northeast Sportscards
11 Bukiet Ct.
Ledgewood, NJ 07852

I live in the area. Can I pick up my order in person to save on S&H?

Sorry, but we do not have a retail presence. Our lower overhead helps keep our wholesale prices low and competitive.