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  1. 2014 Topps WWE Wrestling Hobby 8 Box Case

    2014 Topps WWE Wrestling Hobby 8 Box Case

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    50 Years of the WWE Championships
    - The most coveted title in entertainment wrestling is being named the WWE Champion, and Topps will join WWE in celebrating it's 50th Anniversary.
    - New "50 Years of Championships" theme will include four insert card sets including WWE Champions, Greatest Championship Matches, Greatest Contenders and a tribute to six time WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    - Also NEW! For the first time, look for new Commemorative Championship Belt Cards!

    What's new in WWE 2014?

    Rookie Base Cards
    - For the first time ever, WWE Rookies will receive a "Rookie" emblem indicating their first appearance on a Topps WWE base card.

    NXT Prospect Insert Cards
    - 15 Superstars and 5 Divas who compete in NXT, WWE's minor league wrestling circuit.
    - NXT matches are aired on Hulu and are increasingly popular with WWE fans.

    Valuable New Hits!
    - Commemorative Championship Belt Cards
    - New Autograph Signers
    - Rare Autograph Parallels
    - Quadruple Autograph Cards
    - Autographed Kiss Cards

    Topps WWE 2014 celebrates 50 years of the WWE Championship and introduces fans to new talent

    Extensive 190 card set
    - (110) Base Cards featuring Superstars, Divas, Legends and Rookies
    - (20) NXT Prospects
    - (30) WWE Champions
    - (20) Greatest Championship Matches
    - (10) Greatest Contenders
    - (10) Stone Cold Steve Austin Tribute

    4 levels of chase add depth to the base set
    - Black Parallel (1:6)
    - Silver Parallel (1:24) HOBBY EXCLUSIVE!
    - Gold Parallel (numbered to 10)
    - Red Parallel (1 per subject)

    NEW Hits add value for collectors
    - Medallion Belt Relics NEW!
    - Autographs (Including Black, Silver, Gold and Red Parallels) NEW!
    - Triple Autographs
    - Quadruple DX Autographs NEW!
    - Kiss Cards
    - Autograph Kiss Cards NEW!
    - Swatch & Mat Relics
    - Printing Plates

    NXT Prospect cards introduce WWE fans to the minor league of WWE wrestling
    - NXT Prospect Cards (1:2): 20 of the most promising Superstars and Divas in NXT

    WWE 2014 inserts celebrate the 50 years since the creation of the WWE Championship
    - WWE Champions (1:4): 30 of the most prolific WWE Champions over the last 50 years
    - Greatest Championship Matches (1:8): 20 of the most legendary WWE Championship matches

    WWE 2014 pays tribute to some of the greatest WWE Champions in history
    - Greatest Contenders (1:12): 10 Superstar contenders who competed for the championship and lost
    - Stone Cold Steve Austin Tribute (1:24): 10 cards celebrating six time WWE Champion Steve Austin

    NEW Commemorative Belt Cards feature the Championship belts of the WWE
    - Commemorative Championship Belts: 30 subjects featuring the six Championship belts of the WWE
    - Printing Plates: 760 printing plates used to create the base and insert cards

    WWE 2014 will feature Autographs, Triple Autographs and NEW Quadruple Autographs
    - Autographs: Signatures from the hottest Superstars and Divas in the WWE
    - Triple Autographs: Autograph cards showcasing three separate signatures
    - Quadruple Autographs: Rare cards featuring the signatures of D-Generation X members Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn

    Collector favorite Diva Kiss Cards return in WWE 2014 with Autographed Kiss Cards!
    - Diva Kiss Cards: Cards featuring lipstick kisses from the most popular WWE Divas
    - Autographed Diva Kiss Cards: Diva Kiss Cards with corresponding Diva signatures

    WWE Relics give fans a chance to own a part of the WWE
    - Swatch Relics: Superstar and Diva clothing cards including first time ever Undertaker swatches!
    - SummerSlam Mat Relics: Pieces of the 2013 SummerSlam mat embedded in a card

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  2. 2014 Topps WWE Road To Wrestlemania Hobby 8 Box Case

    2014 Topps WWE Road To Wrestlemania Hobby 8 Box Case

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    - (110) Base Cards show the events leading up to and including WrestleMania 30 

    3 levels of chase add depth to the base set 
    - Bronze Parallel (1:2 packs) - HOBBY ONLY!
    - Black Parallel (1:24 packs) 
    - Gold Parallel (10 per subject) 

    30 Years of WrestleMania 
    - 60 of the greatest WrestleMania moments over the last 30 years

    The Streak 
    - 22 cards depicting the Undertaker's epic streak culminating with his loss to Brock Lesner

    Ultimate Warrior 
    - 10 cards paying homage to one of the greatest WWE entertainers of all time
    Queen of WrestleMania 
    -8 cards featuring WrestleMania moments of legendary Diva Trish Stratus

    Base and Insert Printing Plates
    - Plates used in the production of the base and insert cards

    Mat & Swatch Printing Plate Relics 
    -Pieces of WrestleMania 30 mat and Superstar clothing embedded in the printing plates used to produce the mat and swatch relic cards

    WrestleMania Autographs 
    - Signatures from Superstars and Divas who have competed in WrestleMania
        - (Bronze, Black, & Gold Parallels)

    Dual Autographs 
    - Cards featuring two signatures from Superstars and Divas

    Autographed Mat Relic
    - Superstar and Diva signatures on a piece of the WrestleMania 30 mat

    Mat Relics 
    - Thick trading cards embedded with a piece of the mat used in this year's WrestleMania 30

    Swatch Relics (Including Trish Stratus and Ultimate Warrior!) 
    - Clothing worn by Superstars and Divas featured on a thick trading card

    Dual Undertaker Relics 
    - Pieces of the Undertaker's hat and pants displayed on a trading card

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  3. 2014 Leaf Originals Wrestling Hobby 12 Box Case

    2014 Leaf Originals Wrestling Hobby 12 Box Case

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    Leaf is pleased to announce the return of one of 2012's surprise hits, Leaf Originals Wrestling. Leaf has easily surpassed the power of the previous release checklist with an unparalleled selection of names which includes many first time signers and truly rare signatures. 

    - 5 Autographs per box


    Look for ON-CARD autographs of wrestling icons, including
    - Sting
    - Ric Flair
    - Jake Roberts
    - Kevin Von Erich
    - The Dynamite Kid
    - Mike Tyson
    - Kevin Nash
    - Trish Stratus
    - Ole Anderson
    - Bobby Hennan
    - Roddy Piper
    - Jeff Hardy
    - Hulk Hogan
    - Dennis Rodman
    - Terry Funk
    - King Kong Bundy
    And Many More Surprises!!!!

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  4. 2014 Topps Chrome WWE Hobby 8 Box Case

    2014 Topps Chrome WWE Hobby 8 Box Case

    Call for Price !

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    This product is a Pre-Sell item.
    Approximate Release Date: Fri, Jun 13 2014.

    Configuration: 8 boxes per case. 24 packs per box. 4 cards per pack.

    - 2 Hits Per Box

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